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NXdrive: Innovations to boost your data backup security

NXdrive develops a Moving Target Defense online backup system that stores your data file as dynamic fragments as secrets. All files are fragmented, encrypted, and mutated in such a dynamic systems to boost your data protection to the highest level.

What Is Security Policy Tool?

As cybersecurity threats continue to advance, the way organizations test and verify their access control policies is transforming. Security Policy Tool, an innovative access control policy testing solution, is helping organizations better protect themselves from data breaches and leaks. Security Policy Tool saves organizations cost in developing XACML policies (ABAC, RBAC, MLS, Work Flow) and enables critical enhancements to their access control security. Try the free demo (, today!

Who Uses Security Policy Tool?

Security Policy Tool is a complimentary access control solution used by IT professionals who specialize in the performance and maintenance of access control systems. Do you work with XACML or ensure your organization/customer's access control system is fully secure? If so, then Security Policy Tool is the solution for you. Save time while preventing access control leaks. Model ABAC, MLS, Workflow policies and systematically test them to verify they are free of errors and leaks. Try Security Policy Tool for FREE today at

Close the Door to Access Control Leaks

Did you know the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) recommends that organizations using access control systems should model, test, and verify their access control policies before deployment? By doing so, they ensure that when their access control system is online and handling live requests that the intended decision (Permit/Deny Access) occurs every time.