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InfoBeyond delivers state-of-the-art solutions for our customers for wireless and satellite communications, big data streaming analytics, data security and privacy, and cyber trustworthiness. Our dual-use software products are dedicated to providing high quality of performance for military and commercial applications.  

InfoBeyond is committed to customers. Our scientists and engineers work closely with the customers to make sure we understand fully their needs and provide the most effective solutions. We foster an open R&D environment where innovation, diligence, and teamwork are rewarded. Our success is the dedication to customer's values. 

InfoBeyond develops novel technology for time-critical military wireless networks, security, machine learning, and big data streaming. We develop new wireless communication technology, information sharing and analytics, and data security to a new protection level with the consideration of limited network resources. We deliver turn-key solutions, including software, hardware, environments, and all documentations with user guides. InfoBeyond has been broadly recognized in the military and civilian domains in the following R&D areas: 

Tactical data link, sensor, satellite, and missile defense mobile networks

Security, trust, access control, and privacy management

Big data, collaborative machine learning, graph embedding, and data streaming

Clouds, secure big data sharing, and real-time analyzing

Image and radar data reconstruction

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FILE is insecure in your smartphones, laptops, desktops, data servers, or remote servers, clouds, or other devices wherever your data are stored as a number of files (e.g., words, PDFs, text documents, images), which is generally called as file-based data storage. The file-based data storage inherently exposes many security vulnerabilities – the attacker can easily manipulate your data files in a device once the device is compromised. A hacker can access your storage devices, steal, modify, destroy your data, even these data files are encrypted. All these security issues (e.g., data thieves, data tampering) can be collectively called as data breaches. Essentially, FILE is NOT secure to protect your data assets.

NXdrive technology is a holistic data protection solution for data-at-rest and data-on-the-fly. It enables a safety-critical way to store/backup/share your data via a new data storage methodology rather than files. Suppose you have an image (e.g., a photo) in your phone. This image could be automatically uploaded into our secure NXdrive and you can delete this image safely from your phone. For ensuring your data security and privacy, the image is randomly broken into smaller pieces which are further processed by leading security strategies, building extra security features over encryption. NXdrive stores these image pieces in different secret places as random symbols. This is specifically called fragment-based data storage (Read more ►), different than the file-based storage. Hereafter, the image can be only reviewed or accessed with predefined credentials. You can safely remove all local copies at your phones, laptops, or other devices. Different than other data backup Clouds, NONE else including the NXdrive managers or other insiders can get into your data, which gives you a very high level of confidence on data security, privacy, and other protections. Hacker is unable to retrieve useful data from any of the storage devices. NXdrive is very suitable for personal and business purposes for high reliability, strong security, and reliable privacy protection. NXdrive brings your data values with the capabilities to:

Provide high data confidentiality: No tool can recover your data file,

Prevent privacy leakage: No tool can retrieve your data privacy information,

Protect against data breach: Insiders or other persons cannot to make a copy of your data,

Prevent cyber-attacks on data-at-rest: Cyber attacks are unable to locate and decrypt your data fragments,

Offer high data availability and user flexibility: You can access the data anywhere and anytime easily.




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Access control (AC) systems protect the secret financial, enterprise, organization, healthcare, defense, and various IT resources/services (e.g., classified data information) in an online system. In order to protect these classified resources, security specialists compose a set of access control policies (e.g., in XACML policies) and these policies are applied to the designated access control system to prevent unintended access (e.g., access control security holes of information leak). XACML 3.0 defines an access control archtecture that uses Policy Decision Point (PDP) to determinate if an access request can be granted or not by validating the access control policies. 
However, it is a challenge to achieve desired security goals without access control errors when the policies have a complex number of rules and they are deployed at cloud, IoT, networks, and other access control systems. Misconfigured and faulty policies as well as errors in rule combining algorithms could potentially result in unexpected leaks resulting in serious economic and political consequences. In the last decade, we have been witnessing many cybersecurity incidents (e.g., large-scale data breaches, WikiLeaks), due to the misconfiguration of AC policies. 

Security Policy Tool is an  XACML-compatible testing tool for access control policy composition, editing, analyzing, testing, and validation to achieve high-security confidence. This tool gives you the peace of mind that your organization's assets (e.g., classified data/information, IT applications, and Services in a cyber security  are protected as intended. It allows policy authors to easily compose/edit access control models (ABAC, Multi-Level Security, and Workflows), rules, policies, and security requirements via user-friendly GUI (Graphical user interface). From the specified access control rules/policies/models, Security Policy Tool offers the following capabilities to provide high-security confidence levels:

ü  GUI (Graphic User Interface) makes it simple to compose and edit deployable access control policies

ü  Automatically convert, import, and export XACML 2.0/3.0

ü  User-friendly interface presents your testing results for efficient analysis

ü  Discover potential vulnerabilities in your policies to prevent security holes

ü  Verify that your access control policies are generating your intended level of security

ü  Evaluation of security in all access control policies (e.g., > 99% access control testing coverage)

ü  Model a hierarchical military/enterprise/organization access control structure  

ü  ABAC, Multilevel, Workflows, Separation of Duty/Conflicts of Interests




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