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NXdrive ( leads on secure data storage and backup.

Current online data backup and storage systems (e.g., Google drive) stores the data assets files by files in a straightforward way, and thus they are limited to protect customers' data confidentiality and privacy. Customers' outsourcing data files, for example, could be stolen by various cyber-attacks, and they may be reviewed by the service providers for some purposes (e.g., advertisements or others). Instead of files by files, NXdrive is a fragment-based data storage solution to achieve better security and privacy protection. Novel technologies are developed to enable worry-free of data confidentiality, worry-free of data privacy, worry-free of data breach, and worry-free of data loss.

Figure 1: World's Biggest Data Breaches (see full picture)

Problem: Protect your Data Confidentiality and Privacy

Current file storage systems in the markets store the data as files called as file-based data storage which causes many problems. In November 2012, Department of Revenue at the South Carolina was attacked from the Internet that caused the data stolen of 3.8 million electronic tax returns and many data files. In 2013, data breaches occurred at many giant companies such as AOL, LinkedIn, Google, and Yahoo. Adobe reported the data stolen of source code and customer data by hackers. Current systems rely on encryption on data files to protect the data assets. However, the encryption can be broken with supercomputer or quantum computer. Penetrating Hard Targets is a project to build a machine exponentially faster than classical computers for the purpose of decrypting secret data. (Read more ►)

Figure 2: Spatial Property: 

Innovations: Fragmented-oriented Storage

InfoBeyond effectively defends the data stolen and supercomputer by adding data spatial properties on storage. The spatial property is hard to be explored by using any powerful computer. Our technology is fundamentally empowered by fragment-based storage to enhance the data security, instead of using traditionally file-based storage which causes many security vulnerabilities. Basically, NXdrive randomly slice, encode, and encrypt a data file into many fragments and randomly store them on the distributed cloud. Only authorized user can recover the original data file. Suppose decrypting a file is 1 hour by a supercomputer. Our technology can make the time to millions of years, supposing the same supercomputer is used. (Read more ►)

NXdrive ( achieves unique technical and business benefits:  

  • Worry-free on data confidentiality: NXdrive provides leading capability of protecting your data confidentiality
  • Worry-free on data breach: NXdrive excels in defending against data breach which is one of the major cyber security threats of the online data storage.
  • Worry-free on privacy: NXdrive protects the data privacy, having the unique abilities to disable a number of semantic analyzing tools that targets for your data privacy.
  • Worry-free on data loss: NXdrive has robust self-generation capabilities that prevent the loss of any data pieces.
  • Worry-free on device compromise: Automated data protection prevents data disclosure or loss that could be caused by device loss or device failures.
  • Worry-free on data insiders: NXdrive prevents insiders by advanced features of distributed authentication and authorizations for data management.

Most importantly, NXdrive achieves fine-grained data security to prevent the data stolen and sabotage from potential cyber-attacks. This achieves worry-free on cyber-attacks.

Services: NXdrive Service Models:

NXdrive provides the following three service models and click any of them to start. If you are interesting in having a private secure data storage system, please visit NXstorage (Read more ►) for more information.

(1) Safe mode

(2) Silver safe mode

 (3) Golden safe mode


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