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>> Position Title: Research Scientists  (Machine Learning, Wireless Communication, or Security)
InfoBeyond is seeking outstanding and enthusiastic researchers to fill out our positions of Research Scientist. By working together, we strive toward a future that will be both productive and prosperous for all of us. We will provide attractive benefits for creative researchers.  You are expected to have some of the following background (not necessary all): 

  • Ph.D. is a must; Research on machine learning, security, MIMO, Radar, spectrum sensing, or optimization (NOT need all) is welcome.
  • Math background on learning, optimization, statistical inference, or cryptography (NOT need all) is highly desirable.
  • We expect you have demonstrated your passionate, creativity, and abilities on state-of-art projects, scientific publications. Please include all your publication in CV.
  • U.S. Permanent resident or U.S citizenship is a plus.

with any of the followings:    

  • Exceptional writing skill and excellence in communication
  • Problem solving skills, with a strong desire for quality and engineering excellence
  • C/C++ or network-based program/simulation experience on industry or research projects

>> Position Title: Software Engineers

  • InfoBeyond is seeking outstanding Software Engineers:
  • We expect you have a Master or high degree.
  • You should be excellence in C/C++, Java, Linux, NS-2, Web Services or related programming language.
  • It is highly desirable if you are able to understand the algorithms which may be described by math, design the program modules, and effectively implement the algorithms.
  • You should be the individual who demonstrated passionate in your previous industry or scientific works

>> Position Title: Business Development and Marketing Specialist 

InfoBeyond is seeking a Marketing Specialist:

  • A B.S. or Master degree in Marketing or Business is welcome.
  • Excellence in communication and in writing skills.
  • Fluent English and communication.
  • Demonstrated passionate and abilities to manage and track multiple tasks concurrently.
  • Great problem solving skills with a strong desire for career excellence.
  • IT background is a plus.

>>  Software Internships ( include Summer Internships) open all the years.
Application Instruction:

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