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Demonstration at IEEE LCN 2014

Author:Admin     14-3-26 2:25    Viewnum:1017  

Upon invitations and peer reviews, InfoBeyond has demostrated the FDCS (Fragment-based Distributed Cloud Storage System) system at the 38th IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks (LCN), Tuesday, 2013.
File is used for efficiently organizing and storing data since the first computer that can run a program from memory in 1950. However, file results in many security vulnerabilities as it stores a piece of meaningful data as whole into a single device. Trojan, Botnet, and many other attacks can easily grasp a meaningful data file from a storage device (a smartphone, computer, or server) and send it back to the hacker from the network. In the last few years, a serial of news reports that data at rest (e.g., banks, governments, defenses, and enterprises) was stolen by cyber attackers, which account for global losses to a range of $300 billion to $1 trillion per year. We can fundamentally prevent these problems from happening -- Fragment-based storage is significantly distinguished from the file-based storages in many aspects and some of them are:
·         Instead of storing the whole file, fragment-based storage stores a number of fragment pieces. Each fragment discloses no information of the original file;
·         Instead of storing the whole file in a single storage device, a number of randomly selected storage devices are used for fragment-based storage to store fragments of one file;
·         Instead of single layer of encryption, fragment-based storage has two layers of encryptions.
FGCS provides unique capabilities to protect the data that prevent physical attacks and many other attacks that even cannot achieved by traditional encryptions. FGCS will become a true in the near future as a leading approach to protect personal, enterprise, organization, and governmental data.

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