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Most fast Communications for Industry Controls

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 L2Wireless: Low-Latency High-reliability Wireless Protocol Using Cooperative Relaying and Network Coding 

NIST is awarded InfoBeyond to develop the fastest communication protocol for industry controls that interconnecting a variety of sensor or actuator. 

Advanced manufacture requires low-latency and high-reliability wireless communications between the sensors/actuators and the central controller. However, the current wireless protocols cannot meet such stringent latency and reliability requirements. InfoBeyond is awarded to develop L2Wireless (Low-Latency High-reliability Wireless Protocol Using Cooperative Relaying and Network Coding) to maximally reduce the latency and increase the reliability. It can simultaneously address the stringent requirements on latency (close-loop sense-to-actuation time < 1ms) and reliability (transaction error < 10^-9) within a factory cell with at least 10 sensor/actuators. For this goal, L2Wireless modifies the MAC and PHY layers of IEEE802.11ac, which includes radio diversity, scheduling, baseband processing, RF band selection, antenna selection, modulation and error coding, etc. The key features are  

ü  L2Wireless PHY layer is developed based on the PHY techniques of IEEE802.11ac with adjustments to adapt to the latency/reliability requirements and radio environments of manufacturing applications;  

ü  L2Wireless MAC layer utilizes cooperative relay and network coding to ensure successful information exchange between the controller and sensors/actuators with constrained latency and reliability;

ü  L2Wireless protocol is able to support the communications of sufficient number of devices within a work cell and simultaneously achieve the desired latency and reliability for advanced manufacturing applications.

L2Wireless provides an approach that enables wireless networks with close-loop sense-to-actuation time < 1ms and transaction error < 10^-9 in the harsh radio environments. It can act as a drop-in replacement for wired industrial control networks. This brings networking flexibility through wireless connections among the devices in the plant. It allows the factory to easily maintain, modify, and update the network according to the dynamic manufacturing process. L2Wireless meets the NIST's goal to promote innovation and standardization in a way to enhance U.S. economic efficiency and improve the industrial competitiveness. L2Wireless will be used to many industrial control systems and others.


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