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Research Award from Missile Defense Agency

Author:none     16-5-6 10:59    Viewnum:267  

Reducing Data Latency and Increasing Network Bandwidth and Reliability (RDLINBR) for Missile Defenses Using Network Coding

Abstract: Building a reliable, high bandwidth, and low latency network is crucial to a distributed mission defense system in which the sensors are operated from thousand miles away. This is more significant for unreliable satellite links (e.g., > 300 ms round trip per satellite link) which connects sensors distributed in a large area. In this project, we propose Reducing Data Latency and Increasing Network Bandwidth and Reliability (RDLINBR) for missile defenses using network coding. Network coding is a proven technology, and with this technology RDLINBR can effectively reduce communication latency and increase bandwidth without modification to hardware while also maintaining communications reliable and secure. Specifically, RDLINBR design different network coding algorithms for different mission defense stages namely, (i) Tracking data gathering/forwarding, (ii) Tracking data distribution, and (iii) All-to-all information sharing, to maximize the communication performance.  Corresponding to these stages, RDLINBR implements network coding algorithms for: (i) wire/wireless unicast, (ii) single-session wireless broadcast, and (iii) multi-session wireless broadcast. It for example reduces the numbers of transmissions needed for each interceptor to receive all the packets for the all-to-all information sharing. Furthermore, RDLINBR differentiates the tracking data and command data to achieve deadline -aware in the lossy satellite links.



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