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Air Force Awards InfoBeyond on the Research of Cross Domain Protocol

Author:Admin     14-3-26 3:7    Viewnum:863  

Coordinating and sharing information across multi-level security (MLS) networks are of great interest in many military applications. However, it is very challenging to accomplish those goals due to the heterogeneous security classifications of different network domains. The recent proposed cross-domain solutions (CDS) provide initial steps to make such applications possible. However, there are still several issues in the existing solutions, and some of them are: (i) inefficient authentication; (ii) privacy leakage; (iii) unlimited capacity covert channel. In this project, InfoBeyond advocates an Efficient, Secure, and Covert Channel Capacity Bounded (ESC3B) algorithms for the MLS cross-domain environments to address these challenges. First, ESC3B provides an efficient and secure fine-grained authentication scheme which requires each user to store only one key. The key can be used to authenticate several services across the networks. Secondly, an anonymous authentication protocol is provided to the users for service request. The service provider or other third parties cannot infer the user identity and other privacy information. Finally, ESC3B enables reliable communication between network domains by providing feedback channel. The capacity of potential covert channels created by the feedback channel is upper bounded by an arbitrary small value determined by the network designer. 

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