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InfoBeyond develops and delivers state of the art solutions for our customers in rapidly changing and growing areas of communications, data storage, image reconstruction, and cyber trustworthiness.  

InfoBeyond is committed to its customers. Our scientists and engineers work closely with the customers to make sure we understand fully their needs and provide most effective solutions. We foster an open environment where innovation, diligence and team work are rewarded. We evaluate our success through our ability to deliver most effective solutions to our customers. 

InfoBeyond provides state of the art architecture, design and development solutions for military wireless networks and storage systems. We deliver turn-key solutions, including software, hardware and all documentation and user guides. InfoBeyond Technology staff includes highly trained experts in the following areas: 

MANET, mesh, and satellite mobile networks and services

Security, trust, and privacy management

Optimization, intelligence, learning, and game theory

Cloud computing, big data sharing, and analyzing

Image reconstruction and manipulation

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FILE is used for data storage since the debut of the first storage-enabled computer in 1949, and hereafter all data are stored as file by file in the digital devices. This is generally called as file-based data storage.  File is excellent in organizing the user data information for user to manipulate the data content in sequel. However, file-based data storage inherently exposes many security vulnerabilities – the attacker can ideally manipulate the files as you once the data storage system is compromised. In view of this, we say FILE is NOT a good way for secure data storage.

NXdrive addresses the data storage and security problems caused by traditional file-based data storage. Instead, NXdrive is enpowered by fragement-based data storage (Read more>>), striving to deliver you higher confidence on data storage and data protection. It is to     

Provide high data confidentiality

Prevent privacy leakage

Protect against data breach

Prevent cyber-attacks on data at-rest

Offer high data availability and user flexibility 

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