• Secure and reliable data storage, access, and sharing platform
  • An auditable blockchain design
  • Preserving data integrity, confidentiality, security, and immutability
  • Identity authentication and transaction validation

A Secure and Reliable FMCSA SAFEty Data Information Exchange and Sharing Platform Using Blockchain

Governmental agencies such as FMCSA and other public/private agencies rely on secure safety data sharing platform to prevent critical information from falling into the hands of malicious attackers. This information can be a motor carriers safety performance, SSN number, medical reports of drivers, etc.

The attackers can utilize this critical information to disrupt the secure and smooth operations of various critical FMCSA processes. However, the current data storage and exchange platforms are unable to securely meet the security requirements for both data-at-rest and data-in-transit. InfoBeyond advocates FMCSA-SAFE for secure, scalable, and efficient safety data exchange using blockchain. FMCSA-SAFE is a blockchain design to record the data information exchanged among various entities with integrity and immutability. For blockchain efficiency, clouds are utilized to store large volumes of data and the block only saves the data hash values. It employs a Proof-of-Vote consensus mechanism for transaction efficiency and scalability. Further, it implements Attribute/Role-based Access Control mechanism to ensure only the authorized parties can access the data resources when needed via the cloud. FMCSA-SAFE achieves data confidentiality, integrity, privacy, access control, and security through the following:

  • End-to-end data security between FMCSA or other systems and the blockchain.
  • Data feeding security in/out of the blockchain.
  • Data integrity and immutability within the blockchain ecosystem.

An Auditable Blockchain for Smart Grid Data Integrity and Immutability

To maintain reliable grid operations, grid data integrity and immutability is of paramount importance to several governmental and private agencies. However, it is very challenging to achieve these goals due to the security issues that can result from various cyber-attacks. These attacks can cause data manipulation and aim at hampering the normal operations of the power grid. Although, several solutions have been proposed to detect and prevent cyber-attacks in power grids, however, the following issues still remain unaddressed:

  • Efficient and scalable blockchain design.
  • Smart contract security.
  • Data feeding integrity and immutability.
  • Action and decision auditability.

InfoBeyond advocates an auditable Blockchain (Gridchain) for Smart Grid data integrity and immutability to address the above-mentioned challenges. First, Gridchain supports reliable and immutable data feeding authentication from data endpoints to smart contracts. It also provides a means to securely feed external data (e.g., fee) into blockchain while authenticating the transaction. Next, Gridchain employs a two-layer Ethereum structure (e.g., Macro and Micro blocks) to achieve high throughput transactions in support of a large scale grid network. Finally, it also consists of an auditor that is an online auditing module to add additional security on top of the in-built blockchain design. It analyzes the contracts to detect blockchain misbehaviors from attackers.

Infobeyond conducted various research on the blockchain data integrity, confidentiality, security, blockchain efficiency, smart contract security, gas sustainability, blockchain auditability, and access control protocols.